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48V100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

For Home Energy Storage System






Use safer lithium iron phosphate batteries

Integrated Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS):

  • Prevent overcharge, overdischarge, and high current inside the battery to ensure battery safety and reliability.
  • Balance each battery to extend battery life.
  • Intelligent monitoring, remote measurement, remote communication, RS485 remote control

Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel to increase system capacity

With LED status indicator and alarm indicator

Suitable for telecom base station energy storage, UPS backup power supply



Battery Module Parameter

No. Item Specification Note
1 Nominal Voltage 48V
2 Typical Capacity 100Ah/4.8kWh At 0.2C Rate
3 Inner Resistance ≤100mΩ At AC 1kHz
4 Charging Voltage 54.75V Proposed Value
5 Standard Charge Current 50A
6 Max. Charge Current 100A
7 Discharge Cut-Of Voltage 41.25V
8 Standard Discharge Current 50A
9 Max. Discharge Current 100A
10 Peak Discharge Current 120A/3S
11 Outline Dimension L520*W440*H155mm 19inch-3.5U
12 Pack Method 15S1P
13 Cell Type LFP 3.2V 100Ah
14 Main Shell Material SPCC
15 IP Class IP50
16 Net Weight 47KG
17 Cooling method Natural Cooling
18 Operation Temperature Range Charge: 0℃~45℃ 10%-90%RH
Discharge: -20℃~60℃
19 Storage Temperature Range 15℃~25℃: 9 Months 50%~60% SOC
0℃~35℃: 6 Months
-20℃~45℃: 1 Month
20 Storage Humidity 10%-90%RH


Battery Module Drawing


  • Front View Diagram
No. Marking Description Remarks
1 P+ Positive Terminal
2 / LCD Display
3 MENU Menu Button
ENTER Confirm Button
UP Page Up Button
DOWN Page Down Button
ESC Back Button
4 P- Negative Terminal
5 ON/OFF DC Circuit Breaker
6 RST Reset Button
7 ADS DIP Switch
8 DRY Dry Contact
9 CAN/RS485 Inverter Communication Interface
10 RS232 PC Communication Interface
11 RS485/RS485 Battery Parallel Communication Interface
12 SOC Battery Power Level Indicator
13 ALM Alarm Indicator
14 RUN Operation Indicator
15 POWER Power Switch


  • Finished Dimension Drawing
Dimension Length: 520 mm Width: 440 mm Height: 155 mm


  • Parallel Wiring Diagram


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