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Q & As about Solar Energy Storage Supplying in China – PART 2

  • Q: What is the concept of permeability?
  • A: It refers to the penetration rate of storage in the installation of photovoltaics. Some photovoltaics have a higher penetration rate of 20-30%, and energy storage has not reached 10%.
  • Q: Which regions are growing fast except for Europe?
  • A: The United States, Japan. The growth in The United States is not much smaller than in Europe, Japan has great potential, and the unit price in Japan is also very high.
  • Q: What are the barriers to photovoltaic inverters turning into energy storage inverters?
  • A: Many energy storage inverters are converted from on-grid inverters, and production lines can be shared. The real difference is research and development. The principle of energy storage is much more complicated than that of on-grid inverters, and the development cycle is longer than that of on-grid inverters.
  • Q: Is the dealer exclusive supply?
  • A: There are generally 5-8 dealers in each country. Each dealer tends to represent one brand, and will also represent European brands. Each company will not only represent one company but will have one to focus on.
  • Q: The acceptance of micro-inverse in the United States is relatively high. What is the application of micro-inverse in Europe?
  • A: Europe is still mainly based on the string type, and the higher micro-inversion in the United States has something to do with safety regulations. Micro-inverses are preferred in some specific markets in France, Poland, Brazil, etc. In addition, the proportion of strings is higher.