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WeliCharger WL-DC-60kW/120kW

Additional information

No. Item Specification
1 Product Model WE2060A-2-L WE2120A-2-L
2 Charging Type DC DC
3 Charging Standard CCS2 CCS2
4 Output Power 60kW 120kW
5 Communication with EV PLC PLC
6 Output Voltage 150~1000VDC 200~1000VDC
7 Input Voltage 400V / 3 phase 400V / 3 phase
8 Rated Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
9 Max Output Current 0~150A 0~200A
10 Cable Length 5m 5m
11 Efficiency ≥95% ≥95%
12 Power Factor ≥0.99(Half load above) ≥0.99(Half load above)
13 RCD Protection Type A Type A
14 Temperature Detected Temperature detected sensor (real time) Temperature detected sensor (real time)
15 Testing Standard IEC 61851; IEC 62196;

ISO 15118; DIN 70121

IEC 61851; IEC 62196;

ISO 15118; DIN 70121

16 Charges Platform RFID/ NFC (credit)/ APP/ Credit card RFID/ NFC (credit)/ APP/ Credit card
17 User Interface 7-inch color touch display 7-inch color touch display
18 Communication Protocol OCPP1.6J OCPP1.6J
19 Connection WiFi + (4G or Lan) WiFi + (4G or Lan)
20 Materials Powder-coated stainless steel Powder-coated stainless steel
21 Dimensions 600*300*1700mm 750*300*1600mm
22 Weight 120kg 200kg

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